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If the deceased was cremated, you can choose from a variety of options for a memorial service. Public facilities may have time limits, while private ceremonies can be as long as you want. The service may last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the location. You may want to contact the local air traffic control before releasing a lantern, as this gesture signifies a sense of freedom for your loved one. Aside from flowers, you can choose to have a poem read or prayer recited at the service. Interested readers can find more information about them at Ashes to Ashes Corporation

A coffin is often required at crematoriums, but you can also use a plain cardboard coffin if you prefer. The coffin is the first item burned during cremation, so it’s best to choose one with a high enough base to allow for the final process. If you don’t want to purchase a coffin, you can also ask your crematorium to place it on a raised platform. If you’re having a religious service, you may want to use an open casket to avoid the need for a coffin, and if you’d like to keep items in a casket, you can do so.

While some Christian countries and cultures discourage cremation, some do allow it. Most believe it violates the image of God and interferes with the resurrection of the dead. Some religions allow for the cremated remains to be sprinkled in the home, while others prefer to bury or entomb their departed loved ones. For example, Hindus believe that the closest male relative should immerse the body in the holy river Ganges, while Sikhs immerse their loved one in the sacred river Sutlej.

There are several benefits of cremation, including environmental protection, cost effectiveness, and simplicity. The process is simple and inexpensive. Your loved one’s body weight is reduced to just a few pounds, allowing you to scatter them in a beautiful way. Moreover, a cremation service will allow you to choose scattering locations, if you’d like. This can also be a convenient option for a memorial service. When it’s done right, it will not cost you a penny.

During the cremation process, your loved one will be cleaned, dressed in their favorite clothes, and placed in a receptacle that can hold up to eight liters of cremated remains. A funeral director will often have the deceased embalmed, while others choose to remove any jewelry and other items that might cause an allergic reaction. If you don’t want to remove these items, it’s best to bury the urn before cremation.

Traditional funerals typically end in interment. Some providers will allow you to attend a graveside service. If you have many close relatives, you may want to choose a direct cremation. This option is often less expensive, but you won’t need to pay for any other services. You can also choose a biodegradable urn or a biodegradable one that will grow a tree instead of a coffin.

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