About Urgent Care Franchise Services

Urgent care franchise services offer both the flexibility and resources of a larger company. Franchise owners receive comprehensive training, which combines medical experience with business skills. Franchise owners also enjoy the support of the entire AFC network. Franchises also benefit from relationships with medical suppliers and insurance companies. Franchisees are often more satisfied with the results of their business operations than those who run their own practice. Franchisees will also be able to provide their staff with continued professional development. I strongly suggest you to check this link right here now.

American Family Care, for example, operates more than 200 locations in the U.S., with many more planned. It is the nation’s oldest urgent care franchise, with dozens more under development. Franchise owners will bring together their organizational skills, business knowledge, and commitment to patient care. The initial franchise fee for American Family Care is $34,000 and the cost of setting up a center can range from $223300 to $438100.

The franchise model offers built-in support. Franchisees receive support from the company’s support team and eliminate the burden of accounting. Franchisees are also able to benefit from substantial consumer growth. In 2014, 87% of urgent care center operators reported higher patient visits than the year before. Franchisees can benefit from lower overhead costs, proven business practices, and access to low-cost medical supplies. And, with the introduction of telehealth services and online sales of medicines, the market for urgent care services is booming.

A franchisee’s investment in an urgent care franchise is an excellent choice in a rapidly growing market. The urgent care franchise model has several benefits, including shorter wait times, improved quality of care, and cost savings. Whether the industry will continue to grow, a franchise will thrive. You’ll enjoy the rewards of a growing industry. Its franchise fees are comparable to other types of franchise businesses. You’ll earn a large profit from a small investment.

The American Family Care brand is one of the biggest urgent care franchises and has nearly 200 locations across the country, with dozens more under development. The company was founded in 1982 by Dr. Bruce Irwin, and emphasizes value-based medicine. It now has 600 in-network doctors who see nearly three million patients a year. Franchisees should focus on end-cap locations in dominant neighborhood shopping centers. The franchise is also free from competition from hospitals, ERs, and Minute Clinics.

An urgent care is a medical facility that provides medical treatment to people with minor illnesses or injuries. Its purpose is to help patients with non-life-threatening conditions, prevent deterioration, and avoid the risk of serious health problems. These services can range from sore throats to minor lacerations and some broken bones. It doesn’t matter what age the patient is. A qualified doctor can quickly treat most minor illnesses and injuries.