Advantages of Home Painting by Professional Painters

There are many advantages to hiring a professional painter. The skills you gain while working for a painting company will be transferable to a new career. A painter may work independently or for a contractor. When choosing a painter, use a skill list to determine what skills you need and look for details on the […]

Paint Removal Brisbane Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has enacted laws that make it illegal to have lead-based paint on a home or business. Lead-based paint can be removed safely and effectively using various methods. Some states permit homeowners to remove lead-based paint themselves, but for safety and the best result, hiring a lead-safe contractor is recommended. Certified […]

Plan Ahead For Interior House Painting

If you’re planning on interior house painting, it’s important to plan ahead. There are many different steps involved. It is important to create a checklist of materials and steps to complete each step. This will help you prepare in advance, anticipate potential issues and buy necessary supplies, and serve as a reference throughout the project. […]