Chicken Franchise At A Glance

Opening a fried chicken franchise is a delicious opportunity. American consumers love chicken, and fried chicken is a great option for a fast-food restaurant. According to the National Chicken Council, chicken consumption has increased by 17 percent in the last five years. More than half of all chicken ordered in restaurants is fried. This popularity has led to the rapid growth of chicken restaurant franchises. Here are some of the best options for starting your own fried chicken restaurant franchise. Get the facts try this web-site Fast food franchise nearby

Pudgie’s Naked Chicken – Located in New York, this fried chicken franchise has a secret recipe and proprietary skinning process. Customers can enjoy a healthier meal with this chicken franchise, and its innovative drive-through format and third-party delivery service allow for a flexible investment plan. This brand has been franchising for more than 25 years, and currently seeks additional franchisees in Texas.
Wendy’s – Founded in 1972, Wendy’s has over 1.588 locations worldwide. The company has franchised its fried chicken business for over 50 years. It has successfully adapted to changing consumer tastes by creating large “Go-Box” meals and a relentless focus on innovation. The brand has returned to pre-pandemic levels in the U.S., and it is looking for new franchisees to grow its brand throughout the country.
KFC – One of the most popular fried chicken franchises in the world, KFC requires an initial investment of approximately $1 million. The company also offers extensive support in terms of real estate, marketing, and training. Popeyes – Another popular chain, this chicken franchise is renowned for its southern-style chicken. Franchise fees range between $40,000 and $12,500, depending on the size of the business. You will be required to pay a five percent royalty fee and four percent of sales.
Mom’s Touch – The Korean fried chicken brand has 1,300 locations worldwide and is expanding into the US. Don Chicken – A relatively newcomer in the Korean fried chicken space, this Korean fried chicken franchise is only 6 years old but offers franchise opportunities. You’ll need a large kitchen, walk-in coolers, and a good amount of equipment and space for the restaurant. But it’s worth the investment!
The Golden Chick – This fried chicken restaurant is owned by Howard Walker and has opened its first store in San Marcos, Texas, in 1967. In 1985, the company introduced the Original Golden Tender, which is made from a tenderloin piece that has been marinated, battered, and fried. Its food is fast casual, and the brand recognition is national. If you have a passion for food and want to expand your business, this may be the best franchise opportunity for you.
KFC – A chicken sandwich franchise is a lucrative business opportunity. This brand has a huge following and has seen its popularity rise since its introduction. In fact, the famous chicken sandwich, known as “the Golden Chicken,” is now one of the most popular sandwiches in the world. The franchise fees for the company start at $35,000 and continue to grow. A successful franchise of KFC’s chicken sandwich will continue to grow and develop over time.