How To Find Joint Pain Control Clinics

While a physical examination can confirm the diagnosis, joint tests such as an MRI scan, CT scan, and blood tests can also help determine the cause of your pain. You may want to check out QC Kinetix (Kansas City) for more. Treatment options for joint pain vary depending on the underlying cause of your problem, and can include lifestyle changes and simple home care procedures. Some options are painkillers, physical therapy, and prescription medications. If you suffer from severe joint pain, however, your physician will likely suggest a combination of treatments.

While treatment options may vary, the goal of a pain management clinic is the same: to help patients regain function and improve quality of life. These programs are often part-time or even full-time. Pain education classes help patients learn about the nature and symptoms of chronic pain and how to better cope with it. Patients also receive a pain-relief injection. These injections can last for weeks or months. For some patients, medication is enough to relieve their pain and keep it from returning.

For patients who are not able to tolerate medication or do not want to undergo surgery, physical therapy may be the best option. Physical therapy, or PT, can help patients improve range of motion and minimize pain. Occupational therapy can also help patients maintain healthy lifestyles and improve functionality. Most top clinics are affiliated with academic medical centers. This means that they can provide you with the outcomes of their programs, as providers work closely with researchers at such institutions.

Some forms of joint pain are caused by overuse or injury. This can occur in the knee, shoulder, elbow, or hip. Some people have arthritis-related pain when exercising, and it can also be caused by a viral infection. Other causes of joint pain include obesity, dehydration, and alcohol abuse. Moreover, some medications can exacerbate joint pain, making them more likely to require treatment. It is always important to discuss symptoms with your doctor. In addition to joint pain, patients should visit a doctor if swelling is present, the affected joint deformity is apparent, or if the pain is sudden and intense.

In addition to physical therapy, some people find relief by doing cold therapies. Low-impact aerobic exercise can help people with arthritis control their weight and manage their moods. Besides physical therapy, patients can also get medications to ease pain. Depending on the severity of the arthritis, these medications can have various effects. Always remember to follow your doctor’s advice and follow any medication directions carefully. A combination of treatments is often most effective. It may be necessary to visit a Joint Pain Control Clinic before starting a new medication.

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