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If you’re looking for a great place to find pain relief, consider QC Kinetix. In 2020, the company had zero franchise locations. By 2021, they’ll have 59 clinics and 11 corporate units. In addition to their franchisees, QC Kinetix has recently hired Alex Zai as CEO. Zai has a background in franchising, having worked his way up from franchisee to CEO at Pak Mail Centers of America. He brings a unique perspective on both sides of the relationship. Other new executives include Marc Weiss as chief financial officer and Todd Maddocks as general counsel. Interested readers can find more information about them at QC Kinetix (Lowell)

After completing training, QC Kinetix franchisees are given an executive-level role within the company. This includes budgeting, staffing, marketing, and coordinating with other QC Kinetix clinics. QC Kinetix offers ongoing support for new franchise owners, including video training. The company’s leadership is committed to providing the best care possible and will assist in every step of the way. Franchisees will also receive extensive on-site support, which includes on-site reviews of clinics.
QC Kinetix has two programs that target arthritis-induced pain. The QC 2M treatment is one of the most popular hip replacement alternatives in Tallahassee. The QC Medical program is aimed at non-sports-related musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, and arthritis. QC Kinetix also offers a Class IV laser treatment to reduce joint pain and enhance natural healing. These treatments can be combined with regenerative biologics to treat pain.
QC Kinetix is a Charlotte-based regenerative medicine clinic that provides state-of-the-art biologic treatments to treat pain. Its proprietary treatments and noninvasive procedures utilize the body’s natural healing capabilities to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. Patients can avoid surgery and addictive pain medications by undergoing treatment with QC Kinetix. Additionally, QC Kinetix clinics are independent and are not associated with health insurance companies.
The regenerative treatment therapies developed by QC Kinetix are the result of years of scientific research. These treatments are less expensive and risky than other modalities and procedures. The company continues to invest in its research to find more ways to deliver results. The company’s regenerative treatments have the potential to provide pain relief to patients with any range of conditions. And unlike conventional medicines, the regenerative treatments are completely safe and do not require any invasive procedures.
The office is easily accessible. The QC Kinetix (Aventura) is located at 1380 NE Miami Gardens Dr. Suite 225. If you’re flying to the area, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is only about an hour’s drive away. If you’re driving, you’ll need to use the NE 203 St interchange. It then becomes NE 199th St and then turns into NE 18th and 14th Ave. QC Kinetix (Aventura) is on the left.

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QC Kinetix (Lowell)
165 Thorndike St, Suite 2001
Lowell, MA 01852
(617) 644-7246