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The QC Kinetix franchise opportunity is for investors with high net worth and experience running a business. QC Kinetix (Savannah) is one of the authority sites on this topic. As the owner of the business, you’ll be responsible for establishing and managing staff, marketing, and budgets. Whether you’re looking for flexibility and control, or want to build a clinic in a growing market, QC Kinetix can help you reach your goals. You’ll also be able to leverage pre-approved technology tools and systems, which can improve patient care and reduce recovery time.


The business model is proven and market-tested, making it the perfect opportunity for medical professionals seeking freedom from the constraints of corporate practice. QC Kinetix franchisees have the option of owning just one location or partnering with non-licensed investors. The clinic’s established operating systems and effective marketing programs enable franchisees to save time and money on the operational side of their clinics. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to a network of experienced practitioners and equipment suppliers.

Emmitt Smith, an NFL legend and the winner of Dancing with the Stars, is a spokesperson for QC Kinetix and believes that regenerative medicine can change the way chronic pain is treated. He understands the need for innovative treatment methods for chronic pain and has endorsed the QCKinetix medical franchise. As an example, QCKinetix’s business model is similar to concierge medicine. As a franchisee, you’ll pay cash for a service that is delivered to you quickly and effectively. This ensures you’ll get personalized care from a qualified medical provider and get the best treatment plan for your condition.

QC Kinetix is an innovative medical franchise offering the most advanced regenerative medicine technology on the market. Its proven biologic protocols stimulate the body’s healing process, while reducing the risk of surgery, NSAIDs, and pain pills. The regenerative medicine-based treatment helps patients recover quickly from musculoskeletal injury or chronic joint pain. It has even been used by professional athletes. Sullivan previously took Advil daily, but now he no longer needs it.

The QCK treatment is a revolutionary medical franchise. Its innovative technology and proprietary bio-pharmaceutical protocol stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It is an effective alternative to NSAIDs, pain pills, and surgery. The QCK brand offers over half a dozen locations across the US, where it’s used to treat musculoskeletal injuries and chronic joint pain. It has a high success rate, and the franchise model has allowed the company to expand its operations across the country.

QCK is a unique franchise specializing in regenerative medicine. Unlike many other franchises, the QCK clinic’s franchise is designed for patients who don’t have time for a doctor’s office visit. They’re not required to have a medical background. You’ll be able to take an active role in patient care, which makes this a great opportunity for seasoned MDs.

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