QC Kinetix – A Chiropractic Franchise For MDs

If you’ve always wanted to own your own chiropractic practice, you may want to consider a franchise such as QC Kinetix. Unlike many other chiropractic clinics, QC Kinetix is not a medical practice, so you don’t have to be a doctor. In fact, you’ll have a lot more flexibility and control over patient care. The franchise is also a great choice for MDs who are dissatisfied with the way the current medical system treats them.

While QC Kinetix is a medical franchise, the franchisee takes on a CEO-like role. You’ll be responsible for managing your staff, your budget, your proforma, and your clinic’s marketing. In addition to this, you’ll receive comprehensive training in everything from company management to marketing. You’ll be required to attend a four-day in-person orientation in Charlotte, where you’ll learn how to run a successful business. Additionally, you’ll spend two days at the grand opening of your clinic. Throughout your training, you’ll have access to video training and ongoing support. You can get additional information at Jacksonville regenerative medicine

QC Kinetix clinics offer concierge-level service to patients. And they are open to franchisees from all walks of life. With the franchise system, you’ll have flexibility to choose how many locations you want to open. You can choose to operate one clinic or a series of clinics or partner with non-licensed investors. The franchise network has already established operating systems and equipment suppliers. It also has a comprehensive marketing program that reaches a broad audience.

The regenerative treatments offered by QC Kinetix are a direct result of years of research. They’re designed to improve patients’ quality of life without requiring the use of complex surgical procedures or excessive medications. By continuously investing in scientific research, QC Kinetix is committed to developing more effective treatments that don’t require invasive procedures. As a result, these procedures are less expensive, risky, and less invasive than other treatments.

QC Kinetix is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based clinic that uses advanced regenerative medical solutions to solve pain caused by musculoskeletal strains and accidents. Pain from these conditions can result from an injury, accident, or aging, poor posture, or even poor footwear. In some cases, these conditions can also result from repetitive stress injuries. QC Kinetix uses the patient’s own cells and tissues to repair the body and relieve the pain.

Pain caused by aging can be chronic or sudden. Regardless of its cause, it can limit one’s ability to perform daily activities. In order to deal with chronic pain and restore mobility, QC Kinetix offers regenerative treatment protocols based on evidence-based research. Patients can typically expect to experience pain relief and improved mobility within days after undergoing QC Kinetix’s treatments. The results of these treatments are dramatic and many patients can return to their daily lives within weeks.