Things To Know About Sidewalk ContractorsIn

If your property needs a sidewalk repaired, it is wise to find a sidewalk contractor that meets the City’s standards. Aside from hiring a sidewalk contractor, the City also requires that the contractor bill the property owner for any sidewalk repair work. This system is intended to make hiring contractors easier for property owners. The City will either bill the property owner in full, or will assess the cost of the sidewalk repair work on the property’s property taxes. Sidewalk Contractorsin

Not only are sidewalks an aesthetic issue, but they can also be a health hazard. If a sidewalk is not maintained, people can trip and fall on it, causing serious injury or even legal issues. When you notice minor problems, it is best to hire sidewalk contractors, as this will prevent major issues from developing. When in doubt, call on the best sidewalk contractors in New York. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should hire a sidewalk contractor:

Proper compaction is essential for a quality sidewalk. Not only is the degree of compaction important, but the uniformity of compaction is vital as well. Even though concrete is placed directly on a compacted subgrade, adding a granular layer before the concrete will create a more uniform support and bridge any minor defects. This step is particularly important in moist areas prone to shrinkage due to moisture depletion. In addition, newly poured concrete sidewalks should be protected from freezing for a minimum of five days to ensure that the concrete doesn’t crack.

The right contractor will understand your property’s specific needs. For example, in New York City, if you need a sidewalk repair, look for a company that specializes in masonry work. Aside from offering sidewalk repair services, a masonry company can also provide brick and granite services. Sidewalk contractors have the knowledge and training to properly install sidewalks. They will know how to use the latest construction tools and materials to repair cracked sidewalks.

If the contractor is unable to complete the work within 75 days, the Department of Consumer Affairs can check their license and complaints. Depending on the type of sidewalk repair you need, the DOT can also provide the contractor with the necessary permits. However, a sidewalk permit does not extend the period for repairs after the 75-day limit for repairing a sidewalk. The DOT will also send an inspector to your property to verify their work. If the sidewalk is still unsatisfactory after the 75-day deadline, the contractor must complete the repairs or replace it within the specified time.

Sidewalks in New York City are maintained by the property owner, but the Department of Transportation is also responsible for the repair of city-owned sidewalks. These contractors are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and keeping them safe for pedestrians. Aside from the safety of pedestrians, sidewalk contractors can help property owners improve their properties and avoid DOT violations. If you need to repair sidewalks, you should contact a sidewalk contractor who can help you find a contractor that is licensed in NYC.