Types of Defenses Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Use

While the prosecution may want to prosecute your case as aggressively as possible, there are several different paths to take in a criminal case. A defense attorney will help you decide which path to take by negotiating a plea deal with the prosecutor and developing a solid defense strategy. These options will depend on the type of charges you’re facing and the circumstances of the case. In some cases, a defense attorney may be able to help you get a lesser sentence, but this is not always possible. If you’re looking for more tips, Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer has it for you.

A criminal defense attorney can also suggest an alternative sentence, such as drug treatment facility time. This type of sentence will address the root cause of the offense, such as addiction. Additionally, an attorney can act as a reality check, as they are familiar with the courtroom proceedings and the criminal trial process. They can help you avoid the consequences of a sentence that you may not have considered otherwise. And because they know the process better than you do, they may be able to make recommendations to help you avoid the worst possible outcome.
Hiring a defense attorney is an extremely important decision for many people. A lawyer will protect your rights and fight for your freedom and future. It is critical that you find one who takes their job seriously, especially if you’re facing criminal charges. Many attorneys will offer free initial consultations, so you can get to know them and discuss your case with a qualified attorney. You can also get a better idea of the fee structure that they charge.
Additionally, a defense lawyer can help you protect yourself from wrongful accusations. An accuser may be attempting to get revenge on an ex-partner, or to gain an advantage in a child custody battle. By hiring a defense lawyer, you can protect yourself from being falsely accused of any crime, and minimize the charges that are based on it. For more information, contact the NYCDL today. The benefits of joining this group can be immense.
When you hire a defense lawyer, you’ll be able to count on their dedication and experience. They’ll be with you from arraignment to trial. They will advise you on entering a plea, as well as whether or not to make statements during pre-trial proceedings. They’ll also be with you during the jury selection process, and may even help remove biased jurors. And, they’ll make sure that the law works as intended for you.
As a defense lawyer, Matthew McLaughlin primarily practices in the area of criminal defense, appeals, and civil rights. He has experience in securing favorable outcomes in high-stake situations. His aggressive representation and effective counsel have won him numerous referrals, including from clients and colleagues. Avvo rates Matthew’s services as “Superb.”


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