Want to Know About Phillip Elden

As the current conservation director of Native Oregon, Victor is responsible for implementing the organization’s vision to restore the ecological health of the state’s indigenous peoples. He has over 25 years of experience in environmental science, including sustainable forestry, watershed restoration, post-fire rehabilitation, and invasive species management. He is also a founding member of the Deschutes Land Trust, which has conserved over 9000 acres of high-value habitat in the Deschutes River basin. You may want to check out Phillip Elden for more.

Tracy Elden is a native Oregonian and has spent most of her life traveling the Pacific Northwest. She spent countless summers fishing on Deschutes Lake and area lakes with her grandfather, and has traveled all over the region for outdoor recreation. She has studied abroad in Japan and the Far East, and has lived in Arizona, Tennessee, and Connecticut. She is passionate about preserving the natural resources of her home state and working with local communities to protect and restore them.
Jennifer Buckner grew up on a small timber town and enjoys outdoor activities. She and her husband own a small farm outside of Canby, Oregon, and she is a co-founder of Women for Wild Fish. Her husband, Tracy Buckner, was the first to hire her as an intern at Native Oregon. She became a program manager and event coordinator for the organization and co-founded the Women for Wild Fish initiative.
While Mary Ann works as the current conservation director of Native Oregon, she also enjoys exploring the PNW, hiking, biking, and birdwatching with her two cats. Mary Ann is also an avid gardener and conducts workshops on seed-cleaning and native plant care. She also enjoys sunsets, watching wildlife, and gathering with friends. She also loves the outdoors, riding her bicycle and walking her sheep and dogs.
Tom McLaughlin joined the staff of Native Fish Society in October 2005. He was a long-time steelhead angler and committed conservationist. In the past, he owned a Kokanee Cafe on the Metolius River in Camp Sherman. While operating the Kokanee Cafe, he worked on several environmental campaigns, including stopping the stocking of trout on the Metolius River. He currently serves as the Director of Wild Steelhead Fundraising for the Native Fish Society.
Stuart is a wildlife biologist by trade and is the Policy Director at Humane Voters Oregon. He has also been a volunteer with other animal welfare organizations and has held leadership positions with numerous other groups. He lives in Portland with his husband and their dog, Kaya. In addition to her passion for animals, she enjoys tennis, golf, and playing with her pup. They have two daughters. So, when he’s not busy advocating for native Oregon, he likes to keep busy.